ERP-Consulting based on Free Software

It has come to my attention that the GNU/Linux Operating system has a strong reputation for its price/performance relationship as well as for its stability. I also noticed that there are also questions of business-related software from the Free Software world, notably alternatives to SAP, Sage etc.

Use and support of Free Software ERP-programmes

SQL Ledger ist based on free technology, not only in price but also referring to libery. Its programming language Perl5 as well as in its database, the PostgreSQL database server - it relies purely on free technology. SQL Ledger itself is also distributed as a free technology using the General Public Licence (GPL).

In contrast to other vendors' offerings under labels such as Home- and Student-versions the use in a commercial environtment is not being ruled out. The GPL even takes this further, that even selling and redistributing of SQL Ledger is allowed to everyone. (cf.:

Member of the SQL Ledger Network Association

An international association of consultants has been formed to support the GPL-version of SQL Ledger. The association comprises various consultants. The SQL-Ledger Network Association.

Membership is free for everyone who wishes to join and offers voting rights for those who decide on a yearly financial contribution. The association holds yearly conferences. Furthermore as an active member you can create a Weiterhin"Who is Who" page and promote your services accross the network.

At I am making use of this offer which results in saving franchising fees, software licensing costs etc. and working in an international environment. Also make use of this offering and get in touch with me at today.

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